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How can I get copies of my official Alberta high school transcripts? Can I order them online?

To get copies of your official Alberta high school transcripts, you can fill out an official transcript request form and submit it by mail or fax, or you can order your transcripts online. You will be charged $10 for each transcript, payable by Visa, Mastercard, money order or cheque made out to the Provincial Treasurer.

2nd floor, 44 Capital Boulevard
10044 108 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 5E6
Phone: (780) 427-5732

To call toll-free within Alberta, dial 310-0000, then 780-427-5732.

Here you’ll find links to information about Alberta’s education system and what children learn in school. You’ll also find information about programs like Francophone, English as a Second Language (ESL), Early Childhood, and more.

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